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发布日期:2021年03月09日 异性朋友睡一张床硬了 异性朋友睡一张床硬了 ,谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 ,醉地艾迪完整版 免费 醉地艾迪完整版 免费
David Belforte
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Chief Editor, Industrial Laser Solutions
Phone:(508) 347-9324

David is an internationally recognized authority on industrial laser materials processing and has been actively involved in this technology for more than 40 years. His consulting business, Belforte Associates, serves clients interested in advanced manufacturing applications. David holds degrees in Chemistry and Production Technology from Northeastern University (Boston, MA). As a researcher, he conducted basic studies in material synthesis for high-temperature applications and has held increasingly important positions with companies involved with high-technology materials processing. He co-founded a company that introduced several firsts in advanced welding technology and equipment. David's career in lasers started with the commercialization of the first industrial solid-state laser and a compact CO2 laser for sheet-metal cutting. For several years, he led the development of very high power CO2 lasers for welding and surface treating applications. In addition to consulting, David is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Laser Solutions magazine and contributes to other laser publications, including Laser Focus World.

For these, and other achievements, he received the prestigious Schawlow Award, he was elected to the Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences, and appointed a Distinguished Expert/Professor at Zhejiang University of Technology. He is a Fellow and Life Member of the LIA, a Life Member of the SME, and a Gold Life Member of the AWS.

David is author of several hundred papers and articles and he has chaired numerous international laser events, including the first U.S./Japan conference on laser material processing (the predecessor to ICALEO), the first Laser/Robot conferences, and presented on laser processing at dozens of global conferences. He is the co-author of the Industrial Laser Annual Handbook series and other books.

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异性朋友睡一张床硬了 异性朋友睡一张床硬了 ,谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 ,醉地艾迪完整版 免费 醉地艾迪完整版 免费
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异性朋友睡一张床硬了 异性朋友睡一张床硬了 ,谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 谢欣与大狼狗全文阅读 ,醉地艾迪完整版 免费 醉地艾迪完整版 免费