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北京建达道桥咨询有限公司成立于 1994 年,现为中交铁道设计研究总院有限公司(中交建二级子公司)参股企业。

二十多年来,公司依靠过硬的技术主持完成了多项道路、桥梁的勘察设计、咨询、审查、科研等任务,技术能力逐渐为人所知。目前在河南、江苏、湖南、浙江、成都、河北、乌鲁木齐等地设有分公司,在巩固国内市场的同时,也在积极拓展海外市场,先后完成了赤道几内亚Mbini 大桥、刚果(金) 金沙萨市政道路改建工程等勘察设计项目。


、生产质量管理部、一、二、三、四、五事业部及市政、隧道、交通工程室、经济造价室等职能部门。在册从业人员 216 人(其中:工程设计大师 1 名,教授级高工 13 名,60 周岁以下专业技术人员 181 人,各类注册工程师 24 名)。公司拥有各种专利、专有技术 10 多项,装备精良,技术手段先进,自主研发和引进专业技术软件达 30 多项。


Beijing JianDa Road and Bridge consulting Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. And now it is the joint stock enterprise of the China exchange railway design and Research General Institute Co., Ltd. (the two level subsidiary of China exchange construction).

In the past 20 years, With strong technical force, we have completed a number of projects in road and bridge’s survey and design, consultation, examination, scientific research. And at the same time our technical ability is widely known. We have set up some branch companies in Henan, Jiangsu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Chengdu, Hebei, Urumchi, etc. We not only consolidated the domestic market, but also expanded overseas markets completing some projects in survey and design, such as the Mbini Bridge in Equatorial Guinea, Kinshasa municipal road reconstruction in Congo, etc.

There are five main departments in our company Strategic planning department, Business department, Accounting department, Quality control Office,economic cost department there general design department-Branch 1-5, etc. The number of employees is up   to 216, (Including 1 engineering design master, 13 senior engineers, 181 specialist technicians under the age of 60 and 24 registered engineers in many types). The company is well-equipped and has advanced technology, It possesses more than 10 patents and proprietary technology, independent research and the introduction of professional technical software are more than 30. Design, consulting are fully computerized.

Along with the accumulation of practical experience and the development of the business, the company reputation has been widely recognized in this industry, JianDa brand has been formed. We will further deepen the enterprise organization, develop business ideas, improve our own advantages, build up an international environmental standards  of operation platform, making JianDa become an internationalization of professional survey and design, consulting company. We adhere to the business philosophy-"scientific management, continuous improvement, heavy reputation, trustworthiness, the customers is supreme", dedicate to providing high quality and excellent service to domestic and foreign customers.